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  • MOVIE page: Long men fei jia (2011)
  • Rate: 6.0/10 total 3,695 votes 
  • Genre: Action | Adventure
  • Runtime: 122 min
  • Filming Location: Beijing, China
  • Budget: $35,000,000 (estimated)
  • Gross: $127,709 (USA) (31 August 2012)
  • Director: Hark Tsui
  • Stars: Jet Li, Xun Zhou, Kun Chen | See full cast and crew
  • Original Music By: Xin Gu  Han Chiang Li  Wai Lap Wu   
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Writing Credits By:
  • Hark Tsui (screenplay)

Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (Long men fei jia)  MV HD (Long Men Fei Jia) -   (Long Men Fei Jia) Teaser Flying Swords of Dragon Gate TEASER JET LI TSUI HARK Knife Throwing - Flying Swords of Dragon Gate Gameplay by Magicolo 

Plot: Set three years after Dragon Inn, innkeeper Jade has disappeared and a new inn has risen from the ashes - one that's staffed by marauders masquerading as law-abiding citizens, who hope to unearth the fabled lost city buried in the desert. |  »

Story: Set three years after Dragon Inn, innkeeper Jade has disappeared and a new inn has risen from the ashes - one that's staffed by marauders masquerading as law-abiding citizens, who hope to unearth the fabled lost city buried in the desert.

Produced By:

  • Jeffrey Chan known as executive producer
  • Jeffrey Chan known as producer
  • Sanping Han known as executive producer
  • Xiaoli Han known as co-producer
  • Li Ruigang known as executive producer
  • Dong-ming Shi known as co-producer
  • Nansun Shi known as producer
  • Hark Tsui known as producer
  • Wenhong Yang known as co-producer
  • Dong Yu known as executive producer
  • Yi Chi Yun known as post production producer

FullCast & Crew:
  • Jet Li known as Zhao Huai'an
  • Xun Zhou known as Ling Yanqiu
  • Kun Chen known as Yu Huatian / Pu Cangzhou / Blade in the Wind
  • Gwei Lun-Mei known as Chang Xiaowen / Bu Ludu
  • Yuchun Li known as Gu Shaotang
  • Mavis Fan known as Su Huirong
  • Siu-Wong Fan known as Ma Jinliang
  • Chia Hui Liu known as Wan Yulou
  • Jiankui Sun known as Liang Cai / Lao Chai
  • Chien Sheng known as Tan Luzi
  • Yiheng Du known as Ji Xueyong
  • Shuangbao Wang known as Zhao Pingan
  • Jian Xue known as Lei Chongcheng
  • Feixing Han known as H'Gantga
  • Bingyuan Li known as Ling Guozhou
  • Zhuo Li known as Xiao Xin
  • Di Wu known as Zhao Tong
  • Junru Li known as Dong Dan
  • Sibo Li known as Gang Zi
  • Zhai Gang known as Fang Jianzong
  • Lu Dliang known as Yu Zheng
  • Dai Ming known as Can Qianzhi
  • Zhou Daqing known as Tan Zixin
  • Xinyu Zhang known as Wan Gulfei
  • Baisi Guleng known as Tartar
  • Zhang Dong known as Tartar
  • An Qi'er known as Tartar
  • Gao Jie known as Tartar
  • Gangte Mu'er known as Tartar
  • Zhang Quifeng known as Tartar
  • Cshi Zhanjie known as West Bureau Soldier
  • Shi Kai known as West Bureau Soldier
  • Zhang Zhaoyu known as West Bureau Soldier
  • Sha Xuezhou known as West Bureau Soldier
  • Wei Bo known as West Bureau Soldier
  • Zhang Chenglin known as West Bureau Soldier
  • Xiao Rui known as West Bureau Soldier
  • Wu Fei known as West Bureau Soldier
  • Shi Zhenglin known as West Bureau Soldier

Production Companies:

  • Beijing Liangzi Group
  • Beijing Poly-bona Film Publishing Company
  • Bona International Film Group
  • China Film Group
  • Film Workshop
  • Shanda Pictures
  • Shineshow

MPAA: Rated R for some violence

Long men fei jia (2011) Review by Simon Booth from UK
Tsui Hark goes back to the well to draw fresh inspiration, returningonce more to King Hu's classic Dragon Gate Inn - which he alreadyremade rather wonderfully in 1992. The story is given a fresh set ofdetails to flesh it out, but the basic skeleton remains the same - evileunuchs, patriotic rebels and independent forces of uncertainallegiance all converge on the eponymous inn, where identities aremasked and secrets concealed until a game of wits allows the variousparties to ascertain where they all stand - and exactly whose ass theyneed to kick.

This is not the first time that Tsui Hark has convinced himself thatwhat one of his classic films really needed was an update with loads ofCGI - witness Legend of Zu in 2001, an exercise which failed toconvince anybody else of that viewpoint. This time he has an extradecade of Chinese experience in CGI to draw on though, and what'smore... now he can do it in 3D! Well, I will have to take theinternet's word for that, 'cause I watched in boring old 2D (albeitHD). Can he convince us this time that computer graphics are the toolhe's been waiting for all along to truly unleash his imagination? No,he can't. Aside from a few impressive moments, the CGI still looksrather fake, and fails to impress or engage as well as the low-budgetspecial effects (wires, clever camera work) that made the 1992 filmsuch an impressive spectacle. Furthermore, he seems to have failed tonote the main factor that caused Legend of Zu to rank so much lower infans' hearts than its 1983 predecessor... all the special effects inthe world won't engage an audience if they don't get involved in thestory. Well-defined, likable (or hateable, where appropriate)characters whose fates we actually care about will encourage us toforgive any weaknesses in the special effects, but the converse israrely true. Flying Swords of Dragon Gate fails to deliver oncharacters, and fails to develop the plot. The film begins byintroducing the political intrigues of the court and the rival factionsof the Eunuchs, then fails to provide any particular relevance to thisdetail. Jet Li plays a rebel who we assume to be patriotic, but doesn'tactually offer any explanation whatsoever as to as his motivations, hisparticular plights, or much of a character at all (though he gets morethan most). Various groups are introduced, and brought together at theinn, then the film sort of flounders for a little bit before everybodyjust sort of decides its time to start fighting. The sense of intrigue,the subtle details, the game of wits as these master fighters out-smartand out-guess each other... the actual meat of King Hu's original film,in other words... pretty much replaced by 'hey, one of the good guyshappens to look exactly like the chief bad guy!'.

Oh well, Jet Li's on hand, so at least there must be some spectacularaction, right? Oh yeah, I forgot... he got old. There are some nicelychoreographed action scenes in places, but with too much reliance onCGI of mixed effectiveness.

Maybe I'm viewing the older films with a touch of rose-tinting, ormaybe I'm just getting old and tHe KidZ will see the many virtues ofthe latest attempt to improve a classic that I'm missing. It probablydid look quite spectacular in 3D-capable cinemas... but I am yet to beconvinced that that can ever take the place of a well written script,or a director who still remembers that he has human actors on setsomewhere, and that getting a great performance out of them is probablythe most important of his job.

Long men fei jia (2011) Review by moviexclusive from Singapore
Who better to attempt the world's first 3D 'wuxia' movie than TsuiHark- the man is behind some of the genre's most iconic representationslike 'The Swordsman', 'Green Snake' and 'Zu Warriors from the MagicMountain', and with the latter also a pioneer for introducingHollywood- style special effects to Chinese cinema. It seems befittingtherefore that almost thirty years later, Tsui Hark should be the oneto import the latest Hollywood fad for the same genre- and true enough,the veteran director's maiden effort at the third dimension is nothingless than impressive.

Like James Cameron, Tsui brings his considerable experience as adirector to bear on the use of 3D to immerse his viewer into hiscinematic vision. Gimmicks aside (yes, you'll still find all kinds offlying objects- wooden beams, arrows, knives and swords- comingstraight at you), Tsui crafts each shot- static or moving- meticulouslyto create depth in every one of them and provide raison d'etre for theuse of 3D. Tsui has of course had some generous help from Hollywoodexpert Chuck Comisky (who oversaw the visual effects for 'Avatar'), andthe result is a milestone for the 'wuxia' genre as well as for Chinesecinema.

Alas for all its technical achievements, this loose remake of hisclassic 'New Dragon Gate Inn' unfortunately is let down by moreconventional elements like plot and character. As with his earliermovie, the setup here is also the gathering of three disparate groupsof individuals at a trading post in the middle of the desert. On onehand, there is the vigilante Zhao Huai'an (Jet Li), Zhao's femaleequivalent Ling Lanqiu (Zhou Xun), as well as a runaway palace maid Su(Mavis Fan) impregnated by the Emperor and therefore an assassinationtarget by the Empress to preserve the lineage. On the other, there arethe formidable Western Bureau troops, led by their fearsome commanderYu Huatian (Chen Kun), who have been sent by the Empress to kill Su andeliminate those opposed to the reigning monarchy.

The pursuit of the latter for the former leads their paths to crosswith a ragtag group of bandits in search of ancient treasure buriedunder the sand near the inn. The advent of a once-in-60-years majorsandstorm is supposed to unearth the treasure, and among those waitingto get a share of the riches are Gu Shaotang (Li Yuchun), Yu Huatian'sdoppelganger White Blade (also Chen Kun) as well as an intimidatingTartar warrior princess Buludu (Gwai Lun Mei) and her band of loutishtribesmen. Setting up such a sheer number of characters takes time, anda good half-hour is spent on exposition detailing these individuals andtheir relationships with each other. The effect of this after anexciting first half-hour watching Zhao assassinate the leader of theEastern Front (Gordon Liu) and then finding himself outmatched by Yu islike adding a lead weight to the proceedings, so much so that whatmomentum the film had going for it is almost completely lost.

Perhaps even more significant is that Jet Li is practically absentduring this half-hour, and by the time he does reappear to join in theaction-packed finale, it's too late for any significantcharacterisation to allow his crusading warrior Zhao Huai'an to riseabove the fray. There is a past romance hinted at with Zhou Xun's Ling,but Tsui provides too little elaboration on it- and if Jet Li's Zhao isthinly drawn, you can pretty much guess that the rest of the charactersalso suffer the same fate.

Not only does this first reunion of Tsui Hark and Jet Li outside the'Once Upon A Time in China' series fail to create a cinematic icon likeWong Fei-Hung, it also gives Jet Li surprisingly little to do in theaction department. As if hemmed in by the movie's title, Jet Li isalmost always duelling only with his swords while performing somegravity-defying flight through the air, with ultimately too little ofthe lightning-quick hand-to-hand combat we've come to love about theaction star. Not to say that Yuen Bun's action choreography doesn'tthrill (it does, especially with Tsui's ability to direct elaborateaction sequences), but one hopes that Yuen (who was also behind Tsui's'New Dragon Gate Inn' back in 1992)- and his co-choreographers Lan HaHan and Sun Jiankui- had exploited Jet Li's martial arts prowess formore.

While it fails to capitalise on its key asset (i.e. Jet Li), the filmdoes deliver some thrilling action sequences that blend old-schoolchoreography with modern-day CG wizardry- the showdown between Zhao andYu right in the middle of a raging sandstorm is an excellent example ofthis combination. Amid the wire-ful stunts, the excellently stagedswordplay stands out- and it is Zhou Xun, rather than Jet Li, whoimpresses with her elegant moves. Kudos too to Choi Sung-fai's fluidcinematography and Yau Chi-wan's deft editing in all the elaboratelystaged action sequences- especially one which seamlessly intercutsbetween the action inside the inn and below the inn when thetriumvirate first converge.

In terms of visual spectacle, Tsui Hark is definitely at the top of hisgame, both the action choreography and the initiation of 3D into the'wuxia' genre easily establishing itself as one of the must-seeclassics. Nonetheless, for all its technical achievements, this latestreworking of the 'Dragon Inn' mythology is let down by its poorly drawncharacters and at times its frenetic over-plotting of deceptions anddouble-crosses. And even as Tsui has more than proved his prowess withnew-fangled Hollywood magic, one wishes that he had also not forgottenhis faculty for old-school elements like plot and character- after all,it was these that made his 1992 'New Dragon Gate Inn' such an enduringmasterpiece.

Long men fei jia (2011) Review by BigGuy from United States
I have to say I was a disappointed in this movie. If you are going tohave Jet Li as the main character, why CGI so much of the martial arts?Almost none of the martial arts scenes were live action, and those thatwere live action were sadly lacking in clarity, the director preferringquick cuts and flash over substance.

The story itself wasn't bad. It is a bit more complicated than theaverage kung-fu movie, which explains the two hour run time of themovie. Sadly, much of the depth in the movie felt added on, as if theytook a chunk from several movies and added them together.

Also, I have to say, the opening sequence reminded me of something yourwould see at the beginning of a video game, rather than an actualmovie.

I would wait to see this one on video.

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